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  • 0220 The Date on the Cake

    ~By Sadie Black

    This morning, my girlfriend, DK, sent me a link to listen to on YouTube, along with one question…“Did you not have this vision last week?”


    In my vision, I saw like a cloud (puffy-like energy, a light blue almost translucent in color) for lack of better words... that in an instant, envelopes over the Earth. It happens quickly, like a poof. It begins from the South and then quickly moves up over the Earth engulfing it.

    The sense I got at first was good. Like a moment when you feel the Sun shining on your face, Ahhh… But at the same time, I felt it from my gut, the feeling I got was more like a sense that came over me, like it was impending, a foreboding of some kind. It was something coming over us, and definitely affecting our Water, feeling bodies. For a second with that feeling, I felt a sense of doom, like a war was going to happen with the flash because it was going to start something. Then at the same time, I felt that this was going to be the start of the Great Awakening. The time was near. And we need to be ready. I keep hearing the words of Matthew 27 that says, we need to be ready that the time is near.
    22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Matthew 26:22 KJV

    The vision was over is seconds but it stayed with me, so I told my friend, DK about it. And later, Cynthia Rose Young who was one of the contributing writers on the Rainbow Bridge Newsletter. By the way, Cynthia Rose Young has co-written and is now re-producing, music that has been given to her by the Angels. She is an established artist in Atlanta, GA, and sends out daily Messages from the Angels.

    The Angels want this music to be sent out and shared for free, so please, it’s amazing! Go check it out on At the top, click on the link that says, Share My Work (Free Downloads) and scroll down for a list of 50+ amazing pieces of FREE music given to us so we can continue to heal. I asked Spirit to choose a piece while I wrote, and the song I chose today is called, Inner Guidance. Perfect! Another coincidence, I ask? No! Another synchronicity!! That is when I know that I am on exactly the right path!!

    Ok so back to the video. After watching the **video, I totally got everything that she said. And I also connected the dots on a few things, too, getting great confirmation on things I had been getting. Here is a direct link to the Allison Coe video. **

    Here were the definite similarities that were hard to deny, but the video gave me words to describe some of what I felt. 

    • The feeling of the Wave made sense. It happened quickly but it was a joltly type of movement, if you slowed it down vibrationally and I could see this being waves. 
    • When I had my near death experience in 09/2001, what I felt was that I was being encased in a blanket of pure love, I say pure because the energy was purity, and I felt blanketed, as if I was swimming in warm adoration, velvety nourishment. It’s hard to explain the experience because I was literally awestruck!
    • The color that I saw the world engulfed in as a soft pale blue.
    • Quite a few of the examples saw the energy coming from South or South East. Most said the South, which I find to be an interesting point.
    • Then she came to the Final Message. She dictated the message on Feb 15th. Eclipse day, BTW. She saw a date on a cake and the date was 2/20.

    During my near death experience, I didn’t get the White light tunnel with friends and family version. I did connect with (my) Source. In that moment, major decisions were made in my life, for the direction of where my life was headed, in mere seconds.

    I was a workaholic, a spiritual one, yes. I deeply considered myself to be married to my work, because my work gave me such blessings that I could hardly call it work. I had been serving my purpose for many, many years now. Life was peace. I was blessed. And now doubly so!

    Spirit gave me a new path... I was to have children, even though I had been sterile since the age of 22 after the birth of my daughter. I was now going to be married to my new family. 

    For about a year, I had been getting the message that I was going to have a son. He would be born around Capricorn time. He was a warrior. To be named after one of the Arch Angels. My son, Michael, was born February 3rd, 2003. And he is my warrior!  

    At that time of my NDE, I was writing a newsletter, working with my friend Cynthia and few of the authors of the original Indigo Children book, working on a newsletter called, Rainbow Bridge. It focused a lot of creating a future for the today’s kids, the Indigo children, moving into the next wave of kids, the Crystals. I don’t think any of us had a clue that the next wave would actually be called the Rainbow kids!! So I could see Spirit moving through us and our message.

    We were about to launch our first newsletter that week and on September 9th, 2001, Sunday morning, I shot up out of bed from a dead sleep, knowing that everything was about to change. We were going to have to scrap everything because there was a new message for the launch of the newsletter and the Message was that we all needed to be going ‘Back to Basics.’ It was a message that a huge transformation that was coming.

    We needed to let go of the physical world by getting back to basics. That meant stripping ourselves of all the glamour of stuff and what money could buy. Pruning decisions down to what was necessary, and ridding ourselves of the rest. But today as I write, I saw a glimmer of what all of this meant, and how it all ties together.

    That message was the end of the 3rd Dimension and the beginning of future changes to come. The lower density of the Earth body, and of linear time was about to change as we shift into the higher dimensions, the Age of Aquarius; the Sage of knowledge and All That Is, and the world of Instant Gratification because everything was given to us at the push of a button. A technological button, yet the shift was so significant as we entered into the Light body.

    Which brings me back to the message. The color. We each saw the same thing but we saw it in a different way, mainly the only difference being in color. For me, it was light energy, a pale blue color but it had a vibrational weight to it. As I listened to the messages, I connected with things through the whole message that seemed to make sense, an indicator that usually means I am connected to Source and to keep following the dots.

    Each person saw their own vibration in the color that they interpreted. For me it was  Light Blue, 6th dimensional, 3rd Eye chakra. Another one was Yellow, which represents the 3rd Chakra of living in our Personal Power, where another was connected to the Rainbow of colors which shows me that she is connected multi-dimensionally. I don’t know any of the clients but would love to see if there are any correlations of how my guides interpreted the message.

    I thought another thing to be the most profound because my friend DK and I even discussed a date when we spoke about the vision I had. She asked when I had this vision and I said, “oh, it was about a week ago.” We spoke on a Tuesday, February 27th.

    DK said, “so was that on 2/22?” And I said, “No… although I have been seeing a lot of 222’s in the past few weeks, I have to keep it in integrity. It was Tuesday, 2/20/2018.”

    The date on the cake.

    And today, today is Wednesday, February 28th when I am writing this message, and the day I saw this video.

    I, for one, can definitely relate to the messages, especially to the boredom lately. Since the August 2017 Great Eclipse, I have been buzzing. Everyone else was talking doom and gloom about that day and the weeks to follow but not me; I have loved the vibration in which I have been operating. Even writing about this has my fingers busting over the keypad where I have struggled to write for weeks.

    Today I feel almost invigorated at finally the knowing that something is happening. That these things are starting to connect like dots for me, and that is when I get very excited because I love it when Spirit and I get to play this game. This has given me hope. And for once I see change. It may not be easy change but regardless, I have a direction and I know that I am on the right path because today was a reminder that I AM part of that Sea of Consciousness that I felt the day of my death, and my rebirth.

    I am excited about what’s to come, a little apprehensive, and a little scared shitless but I decided to take the message of my spirit guides and Go Within because when the outside world is looking a little crazy, then simply Go Within. That’s where the seas are calmed and life become manageable, no matter what it looks like through my external vision. I wish I could share the depth of gratitude I feel about receive these messages, as I do everything I can to stay humbled on my journey so I don’t taint the energy, painting it with my old 3D colors.

    For as long as I can remember, I came here to do something big, (my Sabian Symbol for the degree of my birth, which I take honorably… A WHITE DOVE CIRCLING OVERHEAD: DESCENDS, BEARING A MESSAGE: The blessings of every effort by the Holy Ghost of revealed significance. Exaltation. When I struggle, I go within, I pray, I trust.  

    I knew that there would become a day that the world wouldn’t look like it did ‘that other day.’ I saw war and earthquakes, disobedience, famine, thievery, and for me to remain strongly firm in the trust that my spirit guides have gotten me this far.

    My role for many years has been to help others shift their vibration so they can thrive on this planet once all of the changes took place... in which I have total and complete faith that Spirit will bring me through this. And I don’t think I am alone. Do you?

    In Blessings and Honor, I wish you enough.

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    Sadie Black is a Spiritual Counselor that utilizes Intuition, Tarot, and Astrology to help clients transform and heal from past issues and trauma that keep us stagnated and unfulfilled, by exploring the unconscious and refragmenting those parts of us that have been left behind in the Water Element of the Emotional Body. She is a published writer and teacher, with workshops on Energy Medicine, Astrology, Treasure Maps, Intimacy, and her own teachings on the Four: Elements in Finding Completion. Sadie is a Reiki Master, the past Editor of Rainbow Bridge newsletter, Founder of ‘A Celebration of Life Conferences,’ and previous Administrator and Moderator for Caroline Myss, Ph.D.,, and the mysslist@yahoogroups. Currently, Sadie does Telephone and Personal Consultations in Southern California where she resides with her two children.

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